Keep popping back to see what I am up to in the art world.

Bringing the past to life.

My recent paintings have been an exciting learning curve in bringing old 1920's photographs to life. Enhancing the detail and correcting sections of images which are more blurred and grainy to make them appear clear and fresh has been an interesting journey and I can say with enthusiasm, a successfu

New paintings planned

I have a number of Western paintings to complete for both Settlers West galleries Fall exhibition and J Watson galleries. I also have plenty of commissions to be working on so the brushes will be non stop for a while!

Secret commission completed

Hot off the easel! This new painting called 'The Dancer' was commissioned for the gentleman who photographed the stag. All done in top secret! The painting was collect and driven to Belgium where it now resides with its new owner. There is talk of it being featured on a calendar in the future.... ma

Western Horseman Magazine

Just recently I had the honour of the Western Horseman Magazine using my painting for their fold out June 2016 cover. The painting was exhibited and sold at the 'Masters of the American West' 2016 exhibition at the Autry museum. My painting 'Navajo Skyline' is of the stunning landscape of Monument

My week

This has been an exciting week for the John Bye household. A brand new web site is now up and running, lots of paintings are being requested and I now have a Blog!  


This was a commissioned piece done for a very nice couple who have a stunning view from their back door. This time-lapse video takes you from the priming of the canvas through to the completed painting.