About me


About me

John Bye was born in Styvechale, a residential suburb of the historic city of Coventry, United Kingdom, on 17th February 1970. The son of a lithographic plate maker and a seamstress.

John has a natural ability and is completely self-taught. His technique for creating such high definition paintings comes from a love of nature; and his passion for wildlife stems from watching David Attenborough on the television documentaries ‘Life on Earth’. John has experimented with various mediums over the years, such as oils, watercolours and pastels, however, he favours the diversity of acrylic paint – ‘There are so many variances within a shade, so this warrants the need to paint in multiple layers, translucent at times, to achieve the correct light and tone – acrylic paint enables me to do this in order to make my paintings come alive

In 2003, John took part in a National competition, exhibiting at the Mall Galleries in London, and from thousands of entries was ranked as one of the top artists in the UK.

Sadly John’s Grandfather, Harry, who was a huge influence in his life ­– encouraging John’s passion for creativity and his eye for detail, passed away before John became the recognised artist he is today. They would spend hours together watching Cowboy movies. In fact, it was these precious moments together that gave John his love for Western Art.

Having established himself in the UK as a wildlife artist, John extended his repertoire to include Western Art and now has collectors worldwide. Joanne Watson of J. Watson Fine Arts discovered John several years ago and introduced his work into America. He was invited by the late John Geraghty, Trustee and Special Advisor to The Autry Museum’s ‘Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale’ to exhibit in February 2016. John Geraghty said that John’s paintings were ‘exceptional’ – true praise indeed.

John also exhibits at Settlers West Galleries in Tucson, Arizona.